7 reasons to use a divorce solicitor

If you are in the position that you have come to the decision that you are ready to divorce, then you will now be considering how to go about this.

We are in an age where access to information and the ability to take control of your finances and legal affairs online is widely available.

You can save money by managing your divorce online, however, as qualified solicitors, we know that this approach is not always the best solution and would always advise caution.

So why should you hire a solicitor to manage your divorce proceedings?

1 – Mediation

In our opinion a good solicitor will also have mediation at the heart of the process. This not only supports the emotional journey but often helps develop a fairer, simpler and less complicated solution. 

2 – Neutral

As solicitors we always maintain neutrality and therefore this makes any negotiation less personal

3 – Expert Advice

There are many things to consider in divorce but your children and assets will be of paramount importance to agree on and here at Miller Sands we can provide the best solution for you. Solicitors deal with divorce on a daily basis and can help you understand what are the reasonable terms of your divorce, and act on your behalf to cement those should it be needed.

4 – Final settlement

The procedure of divorcing involves more than a separation process. Most cases include assets such as a house, joint responsibility of any debts and, in many cases, children. All of these areas need to be clearly set out and agreed to by all parties involved.

If you were to attempt to do this by yourself, and make an error, this could cause further delay, financial difficulties and possibly future legal proceedings.

By using a solicitor you will be advised on the best and fairest final agreement for you and your spouse’s situation.

5 – Reduce Stress

A divorce is an emotional, challenging and often stressful time, whether you are the individual filing for divorce or not.

Using a solicitor means that you can freely talk through your issues and concerns in a safe and comfortable environment.

6 – Court Proceedings

Should you not be able to reach an agreement, it may be necessary to go to court. In these circumstances your documentation needs to be clear and concise in order for the judge to be able to make an informed decision. If you complete this process yourself, and were to miss some vital information, you could lose out on both your rights and your money.

7 – Delays

Relying on the other party to agree can sometimes be time consuming. Using a solicitor gives formality to the process and ensures that the other party must respond too. A long divorce can be both financially and emotionally draining so avoid delays by instructing a professional to act on your behalf.

We know that choosing the right divorce solicitor for you is an important decision to make. That is why we offer a FREE 30 minute consultation so that you can ask any initial questions and meet the solicitor who will act on your behalf.

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“We would like to thank everyone at Miller Sands for the way you have handled what turn out to be more difficult than it first appeared and would recommend your services.”
- Mr & Mrs G, Oakington