Top tips for buying and selling your home

Julia Hutchings Partner & Head of Property for Miller Sands Solicitors based in Histon near Cambridge offers top tips for buying and selling your home.

1 – Employ a solicitor you can contact and go and see
When considering buying a property it’s really important to choose a solicitor you can go and see you can build up a personal relationship with them and ask them any queries that you have.

It’s always nice for us at Miller Sands to meet our clients and talk them through the process of buying and selling their property.

2 – Make sure you have your identity documents to hand
It’s really important to be prepared and have your identity documents to hand, all solicitors need to carry out money-laundering checks on their clients and if you have that information to hand it makes the process quicker and smoother.

We require the clients to produce address identification and photographic identification.

3 – Make sure you obtain a mortgage agreed in principle before making an offer
When looking to purchase property it’s really important that you know that you can afford to purchase a property and therefore set yourself a budget.

If you require a mortgage it’s best to obtain a mortgage agreed in principle. If you have this to hand it will help you in negotiating a good offer on the property that wish to purchase.

4 – Have a survey carried out, a seller in not liable to provide information regarding the fabric of the building
Another important thing to consider when purchasing a property is to make sure that you have a survey carried out. The reason for this is the seller isn’t required to give you any information regarding the fabric of the building. At Miller Sands we can put you in touch with the right professionals and guide you through the process.

5 – Set a realistic timescale
A common issue is timescales. People set themselves a timescale of wanting to exchange complete within a certain period. It’s always really important to make sure that you talk to us at Miller Sands and local estate agents to find out if the chain is able to meet your timescales.