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Miller Sands are specialist divorce solicitors in Cambridge, who can help you with the breakdown of a relationship. We offer a FREE initial half hour face-to-face consultation on all divorce matters. Call us to book an appointment.  Unfortunately we cannot offer this service over the telephone.

When a marriage breaks down it is important to consider at an early stage what options are available to ensure as much certainty and stability as possible.   We can help you draw up the terms of an agreement between you and your spouse in a Separation Agreement, or advise and represent you on Divorce or Judicial Separation.

Whichever is the correct option, our experienced team, headed by Will Cowell, always try to make early contact with the other party, either directly or through their solicitor. This early contact helps to build a greater understanding of the issues and what needs to be done.

If children are involved, the need to minimise conflict is crucial. Although it is usual for children to stay with their mothers, this is not always the case. The most practical solution is preferable: who is best placed to meet their needs? The Court has a duty to check what arrangements there will be for the children following divorce. This covers: where they will live, how often they will see the “absent” parent, arrangements for education, maintenance needs, and any other special factors.

Problems involving children after divorce may be dealt with by negotiation, mediation, collaboratively or through the Courts. If they cannot be resolved by some form of agreement an application should be made to the Court.

Getting a divorce or judicial separation is normally a straightforward process although some particular points concerning the paperwork do need to be handled carefully. It takes about 5 to 6 months, unless there are good reasons to slow the process down.

Usually, the most difficult aspect, after the divorce itself, is dealing with money and property.  Financial matters can be sorted out by informal or formal agreement, Mediation or Collaborative law. As a last resort, the problem can be taken to the Court for a ruling. We try to avoid this, if possible, because it is costly and emotionally harmful. Sorting out money & property matters can slow the final decree by a year or more, depending on the pace of negotiations or litigation.

We can help with advice and representation for Divorce, Judicial Separation or a Civil Partnership Order (please note that, with a few minor differences, references to “Marriage” and “Divorce” on these pages refer also to a Civil Partnership).

Will Cowell discusses the different options available for divorce in this video:

For more in-depth information, have a look at our Miller Sands Law in a Nutshell guide:

“We would like to thank everyone at Miller Sands for the way you have handled what turn out to be more difficult than it first appeared and would recommend your services.”
- Mr & Mrs G, Oakington