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When parental relationships break down, the impact on children can be devastating. The experienced team at Miller Sands are sensitive to the needs of all involved and recognise the need for a speedy and positive conclusion. Over the last 35 years English law has evolved to put the child at the centre of any method of dispute resolution.

Even the language used has changed. Words like “Access” and “Custody” have gone.  Since 22 April 2014, we have “Child Arrangement” Orders, to promote focus on the child’s needs, especially when parents cannot agree on how to meet those needs.

The Court can also make orders relating to “parental responsibility”, a right to be involved in important decisions concerning the child’s education, medical, religion etc.  Parental responsibility can be granted to an unmarried father, or other relative such as a grandparent.  Other orders can be made: “specific issue” (deciding something where the parents cannot agree what is to happen) and “prohibited steps” (forbidding something to be done, such as removing a child from the country).

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“The time since my Dad’s death has been difficult but it has been less stressful knowing that the legal side is being dealt with so efficiently.”
- Mrs S T, Milton