– Mediation

Conflict does not have to mean the end of a marriage or relationship. With help, couples who find it hard to see a way forward together can agree a way to deal with their problems without parting. Even if they still decide to part, they can part on better terms.

These disputes could be about infidelity, money problems, children, or property. The Courts these days set great store by “alternative dispute resolution” so that the Courts should be the last resort, when every other option has failed to resolve the problem.

Mediation is a tried and tested way of resolving disputes. Parties are encouraged to look for common ground and to build an agreement upon it. Legal advice is not offered during mediation. Cambridge is very fortunate to have a strong community of mediation services, for family and other more general disputes.

Miller Sands do not offer mediation services in-house at the moment, but we are confident that if we refer a client to our colleagues in the local mediation services, they will receive a quality service.

For more in-depth information, have a look at our Miller Sands Law in a Nutshsell Guide to Mediation – what & how.

For a referral to family mediation services, call us for a recommendation.  We can advise who is currently active in this area. Please telephone 01223 202345 or email Will Cowell or Rebecca Varey.

“We would like to thank everyone at Miller Sands for the way you have handled what turn out to be more difficult than it first appeared and would recommend your services.”
- Mr & Mrs G, Oakington