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In an increasingly digital age, the Digital Legacy Vault is a service that allows you to store your online personal information in a secure and safe place. It can be used as a way to manage your online profile during your lifetime, as well as a way of controlling who has access to your information after your death. The service is offered free of charge and can store passwords, account information, copies of important documents and digital assets, amongst other things.

When dealing with an individual’s affairs after death, the executors must gather together all the assets and value the estate for inheritance tax purposes. Accounts then need to be closed and money distributed. Now that many accounts and assets are entirely paperless, it can be difficult to know what the assets are, let alone what they are worth and how to access them. To avoid this confusion, the Law Society has suggested that people keep a list.

A Will is ultimately a public document and therefore not the best place for confidential information to be stored. The Miller Sands Digital Legacy Vault however is confidential, safe and secure and remains intact even if all your other possessions are lost, stolen, destroyed or forgotten. You can access it online anywhere at anytime. Data is stored in an encrypted format with high levels of data security and is backed by multiple data centres in separate locations. There is even an app for your smartphone.

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Your Miller Sands Digital Legacy Vault can be accessed securely anywhere by any online device using a two stage encryption process. Data is stored in an encrypted format to a military-grade with high levels of data security and is backed up in multiple data centres in separate locations to protect you in the unlikely event of one server suffering a failure.  Each individual account is separately encrypted.


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