Insurance disputes

A dispute over insurance is one where you think you have a claim and the insurer disagrees, usually arguing that the claim isn’t covered by the terms of the insurance contract.  Interpreting the terms of the contract document can be dealt with in much the same way as other contract disputes.

Arbitration arrangements are often found in insurance contracts.  Nowadays the norm is to refer the matter to the insurance Ombudsman, but its powers are limited and you may be dissatisfied with the outcome. Mediation may be available and the Courts are always there as a last resort.  They would expect all reasonable efforts to have been made to sort things out first by ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Nearly all insurers belong to industry-wide bodies with regulatory powers, and this usually spells good news for the consumer.

Solicitors can help before the dispute becomes really “entrenched” by guiding the insured person through the insurer’s internal complaints handling procedure.  Often a fresh pair of eyes on the problem, from someone not directly involved, is all that is needed to free the process and resolve the dispute.

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