If you have suffered a loss it can be a difficult and emotional time.  Miller Sands’ friendly and approachable team of probate solicitors are here to help you deal with the complex legal issues surrounding the death.

We have an excellent reputation for providing expert advice and are always ready to listen carefully to your concerns.  We can assist you with all the steps required to settle the affairs of a deceased person, including full estate administration. Our probate solicitors, Ryan Hawthorn, Fiona Ashmead and Vicky Austin, recognise the importance to the beneficiaries of obtaining the Grant of Representation quickly so that assets may be realised and distributions made. We can also help with identifying and paying off any liabilities, prepare the necessary accounts and deal with all tax issues (e.g. inheritance tax).


Transfer of a Property on Death

The way in which you own your property governs how it needs to be dealt with following your death.  You may own it as joint tenants, or tenants in common.  For more information, visit our Transfer of Property on Death page.


Deeds of Variation

In some circumstances, you may wish to vary the inheritance which you are receiving.  For more information, visit our Deeds of Variation page.


Funeral Directors

Local Funeral Directors, who would be very happy to help you and your family at this difficult time include Co-Operative FuneralcarePeasgood & SkeatesRichard Stebbings and Weyman Funeral Service.


Our Probate Team

Our Probate solicitors are Fiona AshmeadRyan Hawthorn and Vicky Austin, and they are assisted by Ann Smith and Annette Youngman


At the outset we will advise you how our fees will be calculated and provide you with an estimate of our charges for the work to be carried out.



“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help/advice/support during this whole process. You were outstanding.”
- Mr J B, Cambridge