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Lifetime Tax Planning

Our Private Client team can explain the basis on which inheritance tax is payable and how your family’s tax burden can be mitigated by careful planning. Inheritance Tax is a combined gift tax and death duty.  This tax is applied to gifts and deemed gifts made in a person’s lifetime and, upon death, on their estate.  We can advise on how best to make lifetime gifts and how Wills can be used to reduce the tax burden. If you require more detailed Inheritance Tax planning, then we would be happy to suggest several financial advisers with whom we have dealt in the past.

Siôn Hudson explains the transferable nil-rate-band for inheritance tax in this video:



A Trust (also known as a Settlement) is a mechanism whereby cash or other assets are held by trustees for the benefit of one or more third parties.  Trusts can be created during your lifetime, or through your Wills.

Trusts can be used as a means of saving tax in certain circumstances.  They can be particularly useful in second marriages, providing for grandchildren or to assist individuals whose circumstances mean that they are unable to manage their finances.

Trusts are often complex and have important tax implications.

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