– Making a Will

Dying without a Will can cause hardship and confusion for those you leave behind.

Making a Will allows you to provide appropriately for the needs of your spouse, partner, children and other family members. Making a Will also enables you to appoint guardians for any children, minimise the Inheritance Tax payable on your family assets, and appoint as executors people who you know will be capable of winding up your affairs, particularly if these are complicated (e.g. if you have a business, or if you have children from a previous relationship).

Our Wills team is highly experienced and will be able to draw your attention to any matters which you may not have considered.

Home visits

If, for reasons of health or age, it is not feasible for you to come to us we are always happy to visit your home. We can also visit you in hospital, if you wish. There will be a small extra charge for meetings that take place out of the office.


Urgent wills

If someone with limited life expectancy wishes to make a Will, please contact us and we will try our best to help.



We prepare straightforward Wills for a fixed fee.  These are typically Wills which leave everything to a spouse, and then to the children on the second death.

For more complex Wills (e.g. Wills to mitigate inheritance tax, complex structures or involving trusts, often in the case of a subsequent marriage) we charge at an hourly rate, but with an agreed maximum cap.

Please contact us on 01223 202345 or email Ann Smith or Annette Youngman to find out our current costs and to book an appointment.

“The time since my Dad’s death has been difficult but it has been less stressful knowing that the legal side is being dealt with so efficiently.”
- Mrs S T, Milton