Miller Sands enthusiastically support staff in further training and advancement of their careers. 
Many of our staff have been here for a significant amount of time. 

Latest Vacancy 

Job Title – Private Client Solicitor 

The Role. 
Working within the private client team, dealing with wills, lasting powers of attorney, estate administration and all other client matters as required and detailed below. 
Client Service/Case progression 
Ensure all new client matters are opened within seventy-two hours of initial instructions, except for where money is paid upfront. These files must be opened within forty-eight hours of instruction. 
Ensure that accurate and legible contemporaneous notes are kept of all meetings and telephone conversations. 
Ensure all client contact requests are responded to within seven days (emails and letters) and forty-eight hours (phone messages) 
Ensure that all matter ledgers are cleared within 30 days of the matter being completed, and ensuring that the file is archived in a timely manner 
Make sure any advice given is in the best interests of the client 
Discuss any expressions of client dissatisfaction with the head of department as soon as possible. Where this is a formal ‘complaint’ these must be in writing and addressed to the COLP and recorded on ‘Compliance’. 
Make full use of the Isokon system to record all details, assets and transactions in estates 
Adherence to the Terms and Conditions, sent to the client. 
Financial Performance 
Ensure money on account is taken before undertaking the work if there are any concerns about the client’s ability to pay our invoices 
Ensure any cheque payments received are passed to Accounts on day of receipt. 
Regular (ideally monthly) billing on all matters, where the work flow dictates. 
Ensure that any aged debt is discussed with the Accounts Manager on a monthly basis and remedial action taken 
Ensure that all money received on probate matters are reconciled accurately on Isokon as soon as possible 
Minimum initial financial expectation is three times multiple of salary, which will be reviewed every year during appraisals. This is to achieve the overall pre-set target 
Aim for 70% of all time recorded, is chargeable 
Financial performance will be judged on profit costs received, rather than profit costs rendered 
Ensure that all probate fees are recoverable. If there is any doubt obtain an upfront payment to cover these fees. 
Training continuing competence 
Responsibility for adherence with the SRA continuing competence regime for training, using the SRA record template. 
Keep an accurate and up to date record of all training undertaken. 
Compliance and Risk Management 
Comply with the firm’s procedures from time to time for risk management and compliance. 
Ensure that all sections are completed within a week on Compliance Manager for all matters. 
Report any compliance breaches to the COLP or COFA as appropriate 
Comply with the firm’s AML procedure 
Ensure practising certificate is kept up to date 
Ensure details on MySRA are up to date 
Ensure compliance with the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules 
Business Development: 
Take advantage of all cross-referral opportunities within other departments 
In conjunction with the marketing committee, actively volunteer potential articles and blog post ideas for internet and other marketing avenues 
Engage on social media, as appropriate 
Champion the private client department at all networking events, both internally and externally 
Build up and maintain relationships with key multipliers and clients 
Championing the firm and its services through all marketing and networking opportunities, and internet-based media. 
Work closely with marketing in relation to private client. 
Performance will be judged on business development to the business. 
Comply with any responsibilities as detailed in the employee handbook 
Comply with the firm’s equality and diversity policy and any other policies detailed in the employee handbook 
All enquiries to Martin Fox-Cooper, Practice Manager 
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