Domestic violence 

Domestic violence or abuse takes many forms. It can be physical or mental. It is often suffered in silence, out of fear of retribution. About 15% of domestic violence victims are men, who dare not protect themselves or retaliate for fear that they will look like the aggressor. 
The law offers victims quick and effective solutions to domestic abuse. Offenders can be expelled from the home, or an area around it, or even other areas, such as a workplace. All that is necessary is that there is, or has been, a relationship. 
If you have been pushed out of your home, the Court can make an order that you must be allowed back into residence. It is even possible to get orders which change the way property is owned. The Family Law Act is powerful and flexible, and is there for married or unmarried couples including those in same-sex relationships. Immediate action (e.g. to get an order without giving other party prior notice, or to obtain a power of arrest) is also a possibility, subject to certain safeguards. Since 2008 it is automatically a criminal offence to breach certain kinds of orders and this can be a powerful extra safeguard. 

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